Great work is a team effort. When everyone is on the same page, success is attained. Take a moment to review what our clients say about our work and our relationships.

“Thank you for designing the marketing materials for the Holiday Open House! With a record attendance of more than 520 people, there is no doubt that utilizing your marketing expertise was the right choice for us.”

Mary Hanrahan, Director of Small Business
Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce

“We’ve put out a 2-color publication in the past that just wasn’t hitting the mark with our audience. We were looking for an awareness vehicle that would be visually captivating and would attract our youth.
The response to Viking for Kids has been excellent. We’ve seen an increase in readership and requests for copies by children as well as their parents. We think that’s a ringing endorsement of the effectiveness of a well designed publication. Pernsteiner Creative know what works with kids.

We have Viking for Kids professionally produced by Pernsteiner Creative because it requires specific knowledge of what appeals to children visually, as well as their interests. Capturing a child’s interest immediately is critical. Consistency in design has produced effective, attention-getting materials that captivate our young members.”

Eivind Heiberg, Fraternal director
Sons of Norway

“We couldn’t be more pleased by the level of service and commitment Pernsteiner Creative Group has offered County Materials over the past several years. They are very capable of handling our diversified business – even down to the last detail.

Pernsteiner Creative develops top-notch, cutting edge marketing collateral that commands attention in our industry. They are committed to understanding our concerns and really learning what is important to our customers and our sales staff.

They don’t supply items and ideas that ‘just get us by.’ Every project is researched and fully developed before it hits the market to make sure we maintain our professionalism and corporate goals.”

Rebecca Sonnentag, Marketing Director
County Materials Corporation

“Pernsteiner Creative Group has been very instrumental in helping shape LOGICARE’s marketing image. The group is imaginative, professional, timely and thoughtful. I especially appreciate how much you provide electronically and that we’re able to conduct all of our business remotely.

The breadth and flexibility of your design services means, I believe, that you could provide meaningful imagery for any industry or business.”

Debbie Foss, Marketing Director
LOGICARE Corporation

“Pernsteiner Creative Group meets and exceeds customer expectations for service. I’ve had a number of people ask me about, and compliment, our marketing and sales tools and have had no hesitation in recommending Pernsteiner Creative.

The biggest solution that Pernsteiner Creative has provided us is in creating excitement to our customers through our marketing tools.”

Jim Wright, Sales Manager
Premier Block Corporation

“The Staring Lake Concert Series brochure is a hit. I have had so many compliments on it this year. In fact, they are even writing it on their evaluation forms at the concert. Thank you!”

Tria Mann, Former Arts & Events Coordinator
City of Eden Prairie

“I am extremely pleased how Pernsteiner jumped at the opportunity to sell ads, design and promote our directory. This turn-key approach has produced the best directory our association has ever had. Outsourcing with your Creative Group and working with your staff has been a pleasure!”

Bob Heise, President
MN Associated Builders & Contractors

“I can’t count the number of times people have said, ‘I just love your ad.Pernsteiner’s creative talents and technical skills in the area of graphic design have helped us develop successful marketing and advertising campaigns for our products. They have helped us create eye-catching advertisements and attractive book covers. Their work has been of the highest quality and all assignments have been delivered timely. I would recommend them highly.”

Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D., CEO
A.D.D. WareHouse

Direct from the vendor…

“From a Prepress standpoint, Pernsteiner Creative Group’s files are virtually print ready. Often times, from other clients, the quote doesn’t match the files, but Pernsteiner files come in as quoted. This is important because any discrepency in the job will slow down the project and jeopardize the due date.

I have said on more than one occasion that I wished we had more clients like Pernsteiner. Todd and all of his staff are great to work with, very professional, friendly and talented in what they do. The jobs come in clean, go out quickly, and very seldom do we ever have issues in producing their work.”

Patrick Kenney, Prepress Manager
The Carlson Print Group